Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Case for John

Jill Lawrence from Politics Daily is outlining what a lot of us have been thinking lately: John Thune is the best candidate to beat Obama in 2012. In her story, she quoted a few of the advantages Thune would bring to the table as a nominee:

"Thune's real strengths ... (may be) in his political savvy, his communication skills and his lack of baggage."

She goes on to contrast him with the other candidates: 

"Thune's generic conservative views, congressional career and intact marriage have kept him out of controversial territory. He wasn't once a tobacco lobbyist (Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour). He isn't a former governor who raised taxes (Mike Huckabee of Arkansas) or signed a health law similar to "Obamacare" (Mitt Romney of Massachusetts) or quit halfway through (Sarah Palin of Alaska) or seems boring (Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota). He hasn't had three wives and a widely publicized extramarital affair (former House speaker Newt Gingrich)." (emphasis mine)

As she points out, the case for Thune is very compelling.

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